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Minor Requirements


To satisfy the requirements of the minor, a student must earn a minimum of 15 credits and complete 5 qualifying, interdisciplinary courses. Since this minor is interdisciplinary, students may not take all five courses from the same department.

Below are the requirements:

  1. Submit an enrollment application to the Undergraduate Field Coordinator, Danielle O’Connor in the Government Department.
  2. Successfully complete GOVT/AMST 3141 “Prisons” or 3152 “Prisons, Politics, Policy”
  3. Successfully complete GOVT 3142 “Incarceration, Policy Response, and Self-Reflection” (or its equivalent, pending approval by the minor’s Faculty Director).
  4. Serve as a Teaching Assistant for at least one class taught by the Cornell Prison Education Program at either the Auburn, Cayuga, Five Points, or Elmira Correctional Facilities. Students may also serve in a teaching assistant capacity at MacCormick Secure Facility or Finger Lakes Residential Center. In these Teaching Assistant roles, students are expected to prepare and participate in classes held at New York State Correctional Facilities.
  5. Earn a minimum grade of C+ on all classes to be used toward the minor.
  6. Obtain final approval from the Minor’s Faculty Director, Joe Margulies.

Students may tailor the minor for their particular academic and career goals. For a list of courses that may be taken to complete the minor, please see the qualifying courses

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